Substance Type

Substance abuse can be extremely fatal to body chemistry and to your brain. In most cases, it results in long-term body and brain dysfunction. There's a case of Substance abuse when you consume drugs that are illegal. In addition to that, excessive use of alcohol, prescribed medicines, and other legal substances is also called substance abuse.

There's a minute difference between addiction and substance abuse. Substance abuse is like unhealthy habits. On the other hand, addiction is a disease and it's very painful to deal with addiction. Many people with substance abuse are able to quit or can change their unhealthy behavior. In the case of substance abuse, you can't stop using it even when your condition causes an extremely hazardous effect on the body and mind.

Many substance abuse recovery programs are there that help in treating abuse from substances including cocaine, prescription drugs, alcohol, and more. Beginning with the detox program (where your body is freed of the unhealthy chemicals), the addict gets all kinds of medical assistance. Withdrawal symptoms are treated under the supervision of medical professionals. As a part of the treatment program, the patient is also given extensive therapy and counseling sessions. In preceding sections, you can read about the different types of substance abuse and how they can be treated.

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